Empire 5x06


Empire 5x06

What is Done

today  07-11-2018

Trama Episodio

In an effort to sign more artists, Cookie and Lucious make a bet to see who can find someone first. While Lucious bets on the chance to meet an up and coming rapper in a high stakes poker game, Cookie takes to the streets to find untapped talent in a set of auditions. Meanwhile, Hakeem refuses to leave the studio when his rage inspires what he considers his best music yet and Jamal finds himself at a crossroads when Becky claims he’s spending too much time with Kai.

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  •   Stagione
    Puntata Titolo Puntata Data Uscita
    1 Steal From the Thief 26-09-2018
    2 Pay for Their Presumptions 03-10-2018
    3 Pride 10-10-2018
    4 Love All, Trust a Few 17-10-2018
    5 The Depth of Grief 31-10-2018
    6 What is Done 07-11-2018
    7 Treasons, Stratagems, and Spoils 14-11-2018
    8 Master of What is Mine Own 28-11-2018
    9 Had It From My Father 05-12-2018